History of Art A Level

Prospective students of art history can now study the subject wherever they are, thanks to a new online A Level course, that arises from a partnership between the Association for Art History and the National Extension College, working with universities, schools and teachers. This new online course helps students develop skills in visual literacy, looks at works from within and beyond the European tradition, offers opportunities to study some of the most significant and exciting eras of Art and Architecture, to analyse, research and create substantiated arguments and to debate and evaluate ideas.

Artists, museum and gallery professionals and academics across the country have welcomed the new course. A hard-won campaign in 2016 to keep History of Art on the A Level curriculum led to renewed interest in the subject, but large areas of the country still lack access to it in schools and colleges.

Deborah Swallow, Märit Rausing Director, Courtauld Institute of Art,  said: “This fantastic new online history of art A-Level opens this important subject up to students who want to investigate the visual arts as a fundamental element of the human experience – past and present. Until now, access to this subject has been relatively restricted and we celebrate this venture and look forward to supporting it in the future.

Gregory Perry, Chief Executive of the Association for Art History, said: “The A Level has always been a cornerstone of our ongoing work to promote art history in schools. Our partnership with the National Extension College allows us to develop more opportunities to study art history anywhere, anytime. Launching the online course also represents our continued commitment to ensure access to art history throughout the UK.”

Registrations for the course are now open and further information about the Pearson A level course and how to enrol can be found on the National Extension College website here.

If you are a teacher and would like to find out more about available teaching resources, Art History in Schools – who were involved in the course development for the online A Level – have a useful resource section on their website.

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