What we do

We champion a diverse art history through our events, advocacy, publications, resources, prizes and membership.

We believe that art history and visual culture inspires people to think differently and see differently. We are committed to a broad and inclusive art history. We reflect this commitment through our events, publications, resources, dissertation prizes, advocacy and membership.

Our role as a subject association and charity is to champion art history today. For over 40 years we’ve tried to help people see the world differently, finding new ways to explain our visual world across time and cultures. We do this by bringing people together to share knowledge, inspire views and advance research. Our programmes are open to members and non-members.

Our members and supporters are engaged with all aspects of  art history and visual culture. Together, we shape the future for the subject; be this in schools, universities, museums, galleries or in everyday life. Art History makes visible the world around us, and we make visible art history.