The Curatorial Committee of the Association for Art History assists the Association in supporting curatorial practice in museums, galleries and related fields in the UK.

Through its programmes and initiatives, the committee aims to support curators involved in the study, interpretation, and presentation of artworks. It does this through creating opportunities for discussion of current issues, professional development, information and knowledge exchange and networking, as well as through projects intended to promote and advance the curatorial profession.

In summary, the committee’s objectives are to:

– promote and advocate for the value of curatorial work.

– address topics of current interest and relevance to curators.

– provide opportunities for collaboration, professional development and the sharing of expertise.

To date, the Committee has instigated prizes and organised events for curators. It has also launched new initiatives to support curatorial professional development and events. Read more about our current Programmes & Initiatives around mentoring, skills development, wellbeing and climate change.

Click on the link for details of members of the Committee and its Working Groups.

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