New Voices

This one-day international conference organised by the Doctoral and Early Career Research (DECR) provides a platform for new art historical doctoral and postgraduate research. The conference attracts research from across the UK as well as attracting international researchers. In the past we have had papers from universities including the University of Toronto; Temple University, Pennsylvania; University of Melbourne and Istanbul Technical University.

New Voices this year will be held at the University of Edinburgh, focusing on the theme ‘Art & Conflict’. Our twentieth event for art history addresses the important subject of the artistic and political role of depictions of conflict in various cultures throughout history.

Each year a different theme is chosen as a the focus of our discussion. Art and Movement at University of Birmingham last year (2017) investigated what the movement of art can tell us about specific works of art or the cultural, political, social, economic and historical contexts in which they were made. The conference included a tour of both the Danford Collection and the Barber Institute and a keynote by Khadija Von Zinnenburg Carroll, Professorial Fellow and Chair of Global Art History at the University of Birmingham. Image Matter: Art and Materiality at the University of Manchester in 2015 explored approaches to materiality and the material in relation to discourses involving art history, art practice and visual and material culture studies. As these two past events show New Voices aims to address challenging and relevant issues within the discipline of art history.

Other themes organised by universities across the UK from the last twenty-years include: Madness and Revolt at University of Edinburgh (2011); A Picture of Health with Wellcome Trust and Birkbeck University (2014); Picturing People at University of Birmingham (2006); Art and Tradition at University of Birmingham (2010); and Art and Decolonisation at the Henry Moore Institute (2013).

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