Art History Inaugural Festival

September 2021 saw the first annual Art History Festival – a celebration of the diverse narratives that enrich our enjoyment of art, visual culture and the world around us.

The week-long festival kicked off online with a series of engaging, interactive and free digital events from Monday 20 to Thursday 23 September. Followed by an in-person programme at our partner venue the National Gallery for Friday Late events on 24 September as well as a busy daytime programme on Saturday 25 September. Both our digital and National Gallery events included lively presentations and conversations exploring a wide range of subjects, perspectives, historical periods and geographies. In a variety of ways they addressed how works of art, design and architecture give us insight into ourselves, others and cultures past and present.

The Art History Festival introduced new audiences to the subject and enabled thousands of  people to celebrate and explore art history in a new way.

For further information please view the full programme for the Art History Festival 2021.


Thank you to all our festival partners and supporters for contributing to the success of the 2021 programme