Accessing Art in the Virtual World: A Conversation about Access, Equity, and Diversity in 2020

15 October 2020

Accessing Art in the Virtual World: A Conversation about Access, Equity, and Diversity in 2020

Free Online Public Roundtable
UAAC/AAUC Conference 2020 Congrès
October 15th, 2020
12 PM ET

By April 2020, a third of the world population was on lockdown. As schools, businesses, and cultural institutions shut their physical doors to the world, organizations turned to digital technology to provide and enhance virtual cultural spaces online. While numerous digital initiatives, such as Google Arts & Culture, began to preserve and provide access to cultural heritage objects online long before the global pandemic, the current situation has expanded the number of digital initiatives. Art history educators worked collaboratively in compiling lists of online resources to assist students and colleagues worldwide. Although the internet has helped many, the lockdown highlights significant connectivity and access inequality. In this roundtable, we will be addressing issues of access, equity, and diversity in online art resources, such as the digitization of collections and archives. What voices have overtaken digital spaces? How can we ensure that art is truly accessible to anyone, anywhere in 2020? Register at

Roundtable panellists:
Kanika Gupta, Visual Artist, and Graphic Storyteller
Adrienne Huard, Indigenous Editor-at-Large, Canadian Art; PhD Student, University of Manitoba; Board Member, Aboriginal Curatorial Collective
Key Jo Lee, Assistant Director of Academic Affairs, The Cleveland Museum of Art
Sequoia Miller, Chief Curator, Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art
Isabel Pedersen, Associate Professor of Communication Studies, UOIT; Director, Decimal Lab; Canada Research Chair in Digital Life, Media and Culture
Emily Watlington, Critic, Curator, Assistant Editor, Art in America

Corrinne Chong, Art historian, curator, and educator

Samantha Chang, University of Toronto,
Brittany Myburgh, University of Toronto,
Lauryn Smith, Case Western Reserve University/Cleveland Museum of Art,