Art History Festival | Everyday Wonders: A Mindful Look at Dutch Art

Image credit: Lisa Howard

Savour the sensory details of seventeenth-century Dutch paintings. Take a slow look at paintings of everyday life in seventeenth- century Holland and find out for yourself whether mindfulness practice can help sustain your viewing of art and be a catalyst for wonder. Can mindfulness practice help you savour the senses in the present moment, in the gallery, but also in your own everyday life?

Christina Bradstreet, Courses and Events Programmer, will guide you in some basic mindfulness techniques. During this workshop you will have the opportunity to identify how wonder feels in the body, and to recognise how we can overcome some of the mental barriers to sustained looking and the experience of wonder that we face daily in our own lives.

No knowledge of paintings or experience of mindfulness is necessary.

This event is delivered by the National Gallery.


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