Art History in the Pub, Bristol

29 April 2019

Venue: The White Bear, 113 St Michael’s Hill, Bristol, BS2 8BS

Date and time: Monday 29 April, 7 – 8.30pm

Talk: ‘Drawing Hair: From the Beautiful to the Abject’

Speaker: Esmé Clutterbuck

This month’s Art History in the Pub speaker is Esmé Clutterbuck, an artist working in drawing and printmaking. This talk explores her drawings of hair and why she finds it a fascinating subject.

Hair is part of ourselves but also ‘other’. It can be highly desirable and beautiful and we can play with it, adorn it and take pride in it but, depending on context, it may cause offence, even disgust. Hair flows and falls like water, connects like an umbilical cord or lies inert like a dead animal. Historically, it is woven through myth, fairy tale and religion and is connected to memorials, loss and human rituals. From an Angel’s beautiful curls to a ‘Bad Hair Day’, it has a vital emotional and cultural place in our lives.

Art History in the Pub is a series of informal talks that take place around the UK. They reflect our shared commitment to bringing interesting (and often local) art history and visual culture to a wider public community. Talks last for about 30 minutes, with a break for getting extra drinks, followed by general discussion.

Image: Untitled (detail), 2010, ink and charcoal on watercolour paper by Esme Clutterbuck.