Association for Art History | New Voices, Art & Conflict

November 9, 2018

Association for Art History
New Voices 2018 | Art & Conflict
20th Anniversary
9 November 2018, University of Edinburgh

New Voices is the Association for Art History’s annual one-day conference for new postgraduate research about art, art history and visual culture. This year also marks 20 years of New Voices for art history.

This year’s event will focus on Art & Conflict. Depictions of conflict have played a significant artistic and political role in various cultures throughout history. Recent studies have focused on the part that art and artists play during armed conflict, revolutions, and reconciliation, demonstrating the potential art has to glorify, memorialize, critique or oppose conflict. In addition, conflict is present in ongoing discourse surrounding post-colonial theory and the role of cultural institutions in relation to looted art and artefacts.

New Voices 2018 will give postgraduate and doctoral researchers an opportunity to discuss the topic of art and conflict and to address persistent historical, contextual, and conceptual questions. How do artists represent conflict in their work? How can art be used as a weapon of resistance and a means of reconstruction? What is the artist’s obligation, if any, to conflict? How does art respond uniquely to different kinds of conflict?

The event will offer a wide-ranging and inclusive discussion will consider ‘conflict’ in its broadest sense.

Find out more about the Call for Papers for this event. View and download a Pdf version to circulate to friends and colleagues.

New Voices is organised by the Association for Art History’s Doctoral and Early Career Research Network.

Image: ‘Los fusilamientos del tres de mayo’ by Francisco de Goya (1814)