Association for Art History | New Voices: Art & Text

6 November 2019

Association for Art History
New Voices 2019 | Art & Text
6 November 2019, University of Nottingham

New Voices is the Association for Art History’s annual one-day conference for new postgraduate research about art, art history and visual culture.

Keynote Speaker: Azadeh Fatehrad, University of Leeds

The relationship between pictures and words is fundamental to culture. From illuminated manuscripts and printed books, to graphic design, film, and digital media, knowledge and expression has emerged through the complex interplay of verbal and visual forms.

Images give immediacy, depth, and nuance to written communication, mediating between text and reader, and acting as a means of negotiating narrative. Language is the primary agent used to interpret, contextualize, and critique pictorial construction and, more recently, literary theory has become a key analytical tool in art history.

With the ongoing growth of multi-modal structures of communication, in computer games, the internet, and virtual realities, the border between text and image has become increasingly blurred, and now, more than ever, the complementary, contradictory, and ambiguous connections between these modes of representation demands interrogation.  From the curation and display in galleries, to archival storage, and public dissemination on the internet, the categorisation of text -based images is continually modulating. How does the role of the curator as opposed to the maker effect the display and meaning making of a text-based piece? How do we understand and navigate the multiple contexts that encompass a work of art? How can we consider the display of text from a variety of viewpoints – the interrelation between other written and verbal media – including inscriptions, information panels, oral histories, artist biographies, social media interaction and criticism?

This one-day conference will comprise of nine, 20-minute research papers, breaks for lunch and refreshments and a keynote at the end of the day.

Who is this event for?

New Voices is open to all. It would be useful for undergraduate and masters students, as well as those interested in research around art and text. Members of the Association receive discounted ticket prices, but anyone can propose a paper or attend the conference.

New Voices is organised by the Association for Art History’s Doctoral and Early Career Research (DECR) Committee. This year’s organisers are Lucy Mounfield (University of Nottingham) and Treena Warren (University of Sussex).

Image: ‘America. A Prophecy, Plate 6, “Appear to the Americans….”‘ by William Blake (1793), Yale Center for British Art, Paul Mellon Collection