House, Home and the Domestic

22 October 2021

Call for Papers – proposal deadline 30th April 2021. 

Convenors: Imogen Racz (Lead),; Jill Journeaux; Patricia Phillippy

Symposium Date: Friday 22ndOctober 2021. Venue: Coventry Transport Museum, Coventry.

Our ideas of and relationships with the home continue to evolve, particularly now in the era of COVID 19. This instability, and the range of experiences felt by diverse groups in different contexts provide significant challenges for theoreticians, researchers and arts practitioners seeking to understand the complexities of the contemporary experience of home, identity and belonging. Shaped by external, cultural and social norms, the home is far from being stable as either a personal or social framework.

This international symposium aims to encourage dialogues between different areas of expertise and highlight how these new meanings have been experienced within different countries. It is hoped that these conversations will help to extend understandings of this fundamental aspect of being human.

Possible themes include:

Home, house, shelter, dwelling.

Enclosure, boundaries and threat.

Home, identities and belonging.

Objects and rituals.

Collecting for, curating in and choreographing the home.

Homes in the mind/distant homes.

Cultural legacies of domestic objects.

The blurring of home and work – the work/house?

The studio home and domestic creative spaces.

The domestic and the intimate.

The peripheries of home and outside spaces.

20-minute paper proposals: between 750 and 1000 words, 6 keywords, title, name, address and institutional affiliation.

If you wish to be considered for a subsequent publication, please submit a full-length proposal of 1000 words.