Art History Matters

Art History Matters Network is a network of organisations and professionals who support and encourage young people to engage with art history and visual culture. Our purpose is to encourage more young people (aged 11 to 24) to engage with art history and provide possibilities and resources to help them to do so.

The aims of this network are:

  • Provide like-minded organisations and professionals with networking opportunities that advance the shared purpose.
  • Share best practice, useful research, information and specialist advice either through group presentations or bilaterally by email/phone.
  • Cross promote member organisations’ relevant activities using social media, websites or through in-person events.
  • Support the work of members in other ways, where appropriate and where possible.
  • From time to time add the voice of the network to national debates around relevant issues either with an Art History Matters voice; through one of the network’s members; or through collaborating with a large organisation outside the network.

To join the network, contact the co-convenors Sarah Victoria Turner ( and Cleo Roberts (