Higher Education

The Association for Art History has always had an important role in advocating for art history within Higher Education. We are building on this legacy with the development of a new network of academics across the United Kingdom in order to promote the subject across institutional and departmental boundaries, and to ensure its continued vitality within the university sector.

Like many other arts and humanities subjects, art history is increasingly charged with contributing to conversations around a range of policy and operational areas including:

• Government higher education policy
• Excellence and exchange frameworks such as REF, TEF and KEF
• Staff and student recruitment
• Open Access
• Faculty workloads, security, division of responsibilities and career development (teaching, research and administrative/service; permanent, fixed term, and hourly-paid staff)
• Teaching and research in art history in other humanities departments and departments of fine art
• QAA frameworks and similar curricular development issues
• Pedagogies
• Diversity, inclusiveness, non-traditional students and staff

This new network is led by the Association for Art History with input and support from a committee comprising representatives from across the Higher Education sector. The committee acts as the nucleus of the network and informs our strategy and advocacy around issues and areas, such as those indicated above.

If you would like to be involved or learn more about this network, please contact our Campaigns Manager Trevor Horsewood

You can sign up for our advocacy newsletter here. We are also developing ideas for a specific forum and newsgroup on the JISC Listserver.