What we fund

To further our mission to advance the study and practice of art history, the Association for Art History offer grants of up to £1,000 which provide support to aid scholarly research, to develop professional practice and to further the teaching and learning of art history at all education levels from any geographical area within the UK.

Do I have to be a member of the Association for Art History to apply?


Are there things you do not fund?

Grants from the Association for Art History do not fund further or higher education (university fees, course books, etc), student living expenses or unpaid internships. We cannot support the purchasing of equipment for projects.

We do not fund staff members, trustees of the Association for Art History and their relatives or partners.

What can I ask for?

We offer grants of up to £1,000, though we expect that many of the awards will be less than this amount.

Should I ask for a specific amount?

We would also like to see a detailed breakdown of your project’s budget in your application form.

Projects that meet our priorities will be looked on particularly favourably.

What if I don’t get the full amount of my request?

There may be instances where less than the full amount in the request is awarded. Once notified of this, you will advise us as to whether the project will proceed with the same scope, perhaps with other funding in place, or whether the project will be reduced in scope or will not proceed.

How do I apply?

Please start by reading our grants information. It is here that you will see areas that we fund. Make sure that you qualify for our grants programme.

To apply, download and complete our application and monitoring form.

Submit both completed forms to

Do you accept applications in hard copy?

We only accept applications that have been submitted online.

Can I talk to you before I make my application?

Yes you can. Please email enquiries to

Before you contact us, make sure that you have read our funding information.

Do you give grants more than once a year?

Yes, our grants committee will meet to decide on grants twice a year, once after the September deadline and again in March.

When we have assessed your application, we will let you know the date of the meeting at which it will be considered.

When should I apply?

We have two funding rounds each year, application deadlines are in September and March.

Can I submit more than one application?

We will only consider one application per member each funding round.

Who should I send my application to?

Applications should be made using our online application forms, and this should be sent to

Can I receive feedback on an unsuccessful application?

With the number of applications anticipated, we do not expect to be able to provide detailed feedback in all instances.

How will my application be assessed?

Grants will be decided upon by the Association’s Grants Committee comprising AAH Trustees with grants and funding-area expertise.

How long will it take for my application to be processed?

Grants will be awarded within two months of the application deadline. Please note that the Association cannot fund activities which have already taken place. If you are applying to our 31st March deadline, the committee will be meeting to decide on the awards in May.

How soon can I reapply after receiving a grant?

If you have received a grant for a project, this project must be completed before re-applying to the Association.

If my application has been rejected can I re-apply with the same project?

No, not if the project is exactly the same. However, if you have revised your proposal we may consider it.

My application includes travel for research, organising symposia, or attending an in-person conference. Will COVID-19 affect the outcome of my application?

In light of current government regulations, we understand that travel and accommodation are likely to change. If your award has been successful, we ask that you please provide proof of your travel arrangements. Once we receive documentation from you, we will make the award.

Has COVID-19 affected the award period?

Yes. Our Terms & Conditions state that the funded project must be completed within one year of receiving the award. We have extended this period to 18 months. For any other inquiries, please contact

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