Call for Papers | Embodying Value: Representing Money in the Early Modern Period

Abstracts submitted will also be considered for inclusion in an edited volume.

Session at the conference of the Renaissance Society of America 2019. This session seeks papers that explore the signifying potential of money in works of art and how abstract concepts of value intersect with and are figured in material and monetary forms. While the art market may have some relevance to this subject, papers selected will have as their primary focus the particular character of coins and other means of exchange as physical and semiotic entities, money as it appears within images and texts, and how concepts of money and currency can inform our understanding of works of art in this period.

• Sheraton Center, Toronto, March 17-19 2019.

• Further details from and submission of abstracts to:;

• Deadline for submission of abstracts Wednesday 15 Aug 2018.

As per RSA guidelines, proposals should include the following: paper title (15-word maximum), abstract (150-word maximum), keywords, and a very brief curriculum vitae (300-word maximum).