PhD student in Art History | Digital Interfaces, Participatory Practices, Metadata, and Visual Heritage

Department for Culture and Aesthetics, Stockholm University, Sweden.

Closing date: 15 May 2019

Art History now announces one doctoral position linked to the research project Sharing the Visual Heritage.Metadata, reuse and interdisciplinary researchfunded by the Swedish Research Council 2019-2023. The person we seek should have a master- or magister degree in art history, visual culture or the equivalent combined with research interest and competences in digital interfaces and/or the cultural heritage sector.

The employment is tied to the project yet the Ph.D. applicant will have the opportunity to develop the PhD project in dialogue with the supervisors. Successful candidates will be part of a research group including postdoctoral scholars.

The research project Sharing the Visual Heritage. Metadata, reuse and interdisciplinary researchaddresses the interconnected challenges: the lack of metadata in culture heritage institution’s image collections, that results from academic research are not returned to the image collections and the absence of cross-disciplinary and cross-institutional collaborations. The overall purpose of this project is therefore to strengthen participatory and interdisciplinary research practices with the further aim of developing the production of metadata in our visual heritage. In short this project will delineate methods for open and participatory data to link the researchers’ collections (new metadata) to existing collections, while also connecting different researchers. This four year interdisciplinary project is performed by an art historian, a computer and systems sciences researcher and experts from two cultural heritage institutions in Sweden. See further:

Further information and link to application see below: