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German Studies Association Conference | Did 1919 mark the beginning of something new? Or was it the endpoint of something else?

Call for Papers

That is rebellion!   […] Love, sensual ecstasy shall defeat convention, rationality.’ Thus wrote the poet Theodor Däubler in 1919 of Gela Forster’s sculptures. It was a sentiment that animated many artists and other creatives in this crucial year in German history.  At a time when people in Germany were dealing with war trauma, military defeat and political murder, but also with universal suffrage, revolution and the foundations of democracy, visual making could be seen as one vehicle for avant-garde renewal and ecstatic rebirth.  The year was poised between old and new, a year full of hope and enthusiasm in which artists joined revolutionary groups and broke open norms of gender, sexuality, reproduction and race.  But it was also a year full of portents of what was to follow with the rise of right-wing extremism.  Did 1919 mark the beginning of something new?  Or was it the endpoint of something else, a last gasp of pre-war optimism and artistic experimentation?

The panel commemorates the centenary of 1919 in visual culture in Germany.  We invite proposals for papers that probe any facet, medium or artistic grouping of the visual field of 1919.  We welcome papers that link cultural production in fine art, architecture, urban planning, design, photography and film to political events.  Topics might include women practitioners; queer practices; analyses of specific monuments, memorials and urban projects; modes of exhibiting exhibiting, selling and marketing; non-traditional media. We also invite papers that critically examine the claim that 1919 represents a caesura.

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This is a Call for Papers for a panel / session at the German Studies Association conference, to be held in Portland, Oregon, 3-6 October, 2019.  The panel convenor is Nina Lübbren, Anglia Ruskin University (Cambridge, UK).

Please send a 400-word proposal for a 20-minute paper to with the subject line ‘GSA 1919-2019’.

Deadline:  25 Jan. 2019