Call for Papers | World War 2: Design and Material Culture

Following a successful panel on World War 2 and design at the Design History Society annual conference in New York on World World 2, design and material culture, we are seeking proposals for papers for a special issue of a peer reviewed journal.

Much of the existing scholarship in the English language on design and the Second World War is focused on Britain and Germany, with specific reference to the state and propaganda. We aim to be part of the broadening debate, considering material culture in its broadest sense, including objects, artefacts, talismans, buildings and spaces conceived and designed by amateurs as well as professionals. Papers focused on interactions and meanings created by users will be warmly considered, especially where they engage with gender, sexual, class, ethnic and national identities.

All topics and countries will be considered but we would be especially interested in the following areas:

• Colonies and Dominions

• Soviet Union

• Netherlands

• Belgium

• France

• Italy

• Japan and China

• Scandinavia

Please send a title, a 300 word abstract and a brief bio by 16 November 2018 to:

Pat Kirkham

Deborah Sugg Ryan