New era for art history

We believe that art history and visual culture inspires people to think differently and see differently. We’ve reflected this belief through the development of a strong and innovative visual design, reconsidered our use of tone and language, and opted for a name that clearly states that we are for art history. It is a belief upon which our organisation was formed and has grown, because we are committed to a broad and inclusive art history. This exciting, and long-awaited, project puts our subject at the forefront of collective aims, activities and impact.

New meets old: back to our roots
We have been around for 43 years; long enough to know what we’re doing and know when we’re doing it right, but young enough to retain an infrastructure that’s adaptable and open to change. We were set up in 1974 to promote an inclusive and broad art history for all, regardless of region, religion, schooling or background.

The 70s were radical, post-war times, when diversity and difference dared to speak out. As an organisation we spoke out too. We stood up for a subject that’s all too often typecast and stereotyped as a subject for some but not for all. We wanted to change this, and we continue to stand up and speak out for art history.  We also had quite a radical logo at that time too (see image), and perhaps not so different from our new visual identity?

Why we do what we do
Our organisation has always stood for a diverse art history, and this is what continues to make us important and unique. This is why, as a charity, subject association and membership body, we do the work that we do. And this is why members and non-members chose to support us. We are a small but dedicated team of staff who work closely alongside Trustees, members, stakeholders and supporters. What unites all our efforts is a determination to show why art history matters, and how it can matter for many not just a few.

Our work, be it advocacy (currently focused around art history in education), our annual conference, our academic journal, our student support, our study days, our emerging research events, our grants programme, our member benefits, our annual schools conference, our Art History in the Pub talks, are hugely different in scope, scale and audiences, but what lies at their heart and purpose is an Association for art history.

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