As a subject association we work hard to identify and respond to the issues that effect our subject, particularly in the areas of government and emergent public policy.

Working with a range of different stakeholders we gather, collate and contribute to analysis and evidence to ensure the vitality and resilience of our field.

Collaborating with a range of strategic partners and through our responses to consultations, requests for information and other policy channels, we strive to make a positive impact on the policies and environments that effect art history and the wider arts, culture and academic sectors.

You can find out more about our consultation responses here

Thinking About Art

Building on the success of our 2015 text book Thinking About Art, our work in 16-19 education takes the book's title as creative inspiration and a call to action. Over the next 3 years Thinking About Art will look at new ways for young people to engage with art history and the study of visual culture, both inside and outside of formal education.


Annual Survey

A new initiative which aims to become a definitive annual programme of research and data gathering, helping us understand more about art history within secondary and tertiary education. Through surveys, interviews and analysis this new programme aims to provide a yearly insight into the policy-making processes and more pragmatic administrative activities that effect our subject.