The Artist Interview: An interdisciplinary approach to its history, process and dissemination

Session Convenors

Lucia Farinati, Kingston University, London

Jennifer Thatcher, University of Edinburgh

Session Abstract

There is no history of the artist interview as a critical genre in its own right. Rather, it has been underplayed as a journalistic tool, or overplayed as a historical source, predicated on the authentic artist’s voice. Since the Artists’ Lives project was established in 1990, the artist interview has tended to be subsumed within the field of oral history and its established protocols, restricting opportunities for interpretation and minimising its performative and creative aspects.

This session instead positions the artist interview at the intersection of art history, critical practice and dialogic aesthetics. The artist interview exists in different formats, including scripts, live dialogue, audio/audio-visual recordings and transcripts. How does the existence of multiple, competing sources affect approaches to the archive, and disrupt the primacy of the visual over the aural in art history? Taking an interdisciplinary approach, the papers explore how the artist interview can contribute to an expanded contemporary historiography.

Particular attention is given to its relation to such histories as broadcasting, publishing, psychology, linguistics, recording technologies and contemporary art (particularly, sound magazines, concrete poetry, performance, experimental music and video).

We invite a close scrutiny of the process of making and disseminating an interview, from pre-production to post-production, exploring the ethics implicated in what is added, modified or censored in this process.

The session will comprise four individual papers and a workshop that explores both documentary and performative methods for producing interview transcriptions.

To offer a paper
Please email your paper proposal direct to the session convenors, details above.

Provide a title and abstract (250 words maximum) for a 25-minute paper (unless otherwise specified), your name and institutional affiliation (if any).

Please make sure the title is concise and reflects the contents of the paper because it will appear online, in social media and in the printed programme.

You should receive an acknowledgement of receipt of your submission within two weeks from the session convenors.

Deadline for submissions: Monday 5 November 2018

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