Political Appropriations

Session Convenors:

Lara Perry (University of Brighton) lara.perry@brighton.ac.uk

Elke Krasny (Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna) elke.krasny@gmail.com

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In this session we invite papers that consider the appropriation or reappropriation of art in political movements. In the current moment the paths of political agency are being transformed by a resurgence of right-wing politics and the devolution of political agency to popular movements constituted with the aid of social media and the internet. Art and other forms of image have played a central role in the communication of political values in these new circumstances, as new political actors have addressed their audiences through the production, reproduction and destruction of art. In some cases, the reappropriations of art’s language and imagery have been radical: on her network news programme in 2015, Sarah Palin described Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign as ‘avant garde’; in others, such as the siting of a new Bauhaus museum opposite a Nazi -built administration office (Weimar, 2019), there has been a more historically conscious deployment of the politics of art and design. We are seeking papers that address such (re)appropriations of art in current or relevant past political formations.

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