Walking on Images

Session Convenor: 

Michael Tymkiw (University of Essex) mtymkiw@essex.ac.uk

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For millennia, floors have served as an important site for displaying imagery, as evidenced by mosaic pavements, tomb slabs, rugs, and, more recently, floor-based works of fine art. In many cases, human beings have been encouraged to walk on such imagery – a mode of viewing that not only results in direct physical contact with images but also means that a spectator cannot view ground-based images without simultaneously seeing parts of his or her own body. In this respect, a spectator’s body at once completes and interrupts the imagery being viewed.

This proposed session seeks to explore a range of issues broadly related to the theme of walking on images. Some possible topics for consideration include:

  • the motivations for making and/or commissioning particular examples of ‘walkable’ imagery
  • the conservation and restoration of floor-based imagery that has been effaced through walking
  • theoretical or transdisciplinary discussions of the figure-ground relationship during the act of walking on images
  • the dialogue between figuration and abstraction in floor-based decorative arts
  • the extent to which the act of walking on imagery problematises the very notion of the image, which is closely associated with resemblance and similitude

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