Art History Festival | Whose Histories? Art in the Historic House

The North Gallery at Petworth House – © National Trust Images Andreas von Einsiedel

Following the publication earlier this year of 125 Treasures from the Collections of the National Trust, Tarnya Cooper reflects on how we can navigate and share the multiple narratives embedded in the concept of the English and Welsh historic country house.

How do we share the stories of internationally significant single art objects alongside the stories of the creation of highly important historic interiors and architectural settings, family histories and the stories of collecting?

How can we better celebrate the extraordinary history of the role country houses played as early art galleries, or showcases for international collections, as well as share the history of the sources of the wealth that created them or the varied provenance of collections?

This talk will frame some of these questions in the context of the current debates around the place of cultural heritage in our national understanding of history. It will explore how we can successfully develop multiple lenses to interpret the historic and cultural significance of country houses as the source of global, national, regional and local history. Pre-submitted questions are welcome and we will let you know how to submit these shortly.

This event is delivered by the National Trust.


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