This listing provides a sampling of prominent rights holders, many of whom offer open access/creative commons licences. The listing is an ongoing project and we encourage you to submit suggestions for additions or amendments to those that we have published here.

The images are loosely grouped under Open Access/Creative Commons licences and Other Licences which may or may not require the payment of a fee. As many institutions have both free and paid for offerings, some organisations will be listed in both sections.

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Art Institute of Chicago 

100,000 images online, including 56,000 in public domain, from a collection of 300,000 objects

Ashmolean Image Library 

All high resolution images are held by Bridgeman images or DACS. There are currently 127,000 object records online, not all of which are illustrated by images.

Bildindex der Kunst & Architektur (Bildarchiv Foto Marburg) 

Image index database for around 80 cultural and scientific institutions, with access to 3.9 million photographs, artworks and architectural objects.

Birmingham Museums Digital Image Resource 

More than 6,000 available online from a collection of 800,000 objects.

British Library (Flickr Commons) 

Digitised 65,000 books from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries from a collection of more than 13 million books.

British Museum 

Current online selection of 4.5 million images from the 8 million objects held by the museum.

BNF Gallica (Bibliotheque nationale de France) 

Digital library of the Bibliothèque nationale de France. The picture library has over one million images available.

Courtauld Institute of Art 

43,000 images online from a collection of over 3 million.


The licencing service for European collections with 55 million digitised items.

Fitzwilliam Museum 

74,000 images online from a collection of 500,000.

Getty Museum and Research Institute 

115,000 images available through the Open Content Program

Guggenheim Museum 

1,700 works available from a collection of 8,000

Harvard Art Museum 

240,000 digitsed images from collections numbering over 250,000


The online collection includes 380,000 objects from holdings of 490,000

Metropolitan Museum of Art 

Over 400,000 images online of the 2 million objects in the collection

Morgan Library and Museum 

14,000 drawings online, representing works of art spanning the fifteenth through nineteenth centuries.

Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) 

101,000 objects online from a collection of 200,000

National Gallery of Art, Washington 

107,000 digital images are available, including 51,000 in open access, from a collection of 141,000

National Portrait Gallery 

11,000 portrait paintings, 250,000 Photographs, 80,000 prints and drawings online

Philadelphia Museum of Art 

170,000 images digitised from a collection of 227,000


Collection of 700,000 works online. The collection illustrates the history of the Netherlands, from the Middle Ages to present.


7,300 objects offered with CC licences of the over 70,000 works of art in the collection across four sites: Modern, Britain and Liverpool and St. Ives.

Yale Centre for British Art 

Online catalogue currently represents 120,000 records from the Centre’s collection of 130,000 objects. 490,000 are available online. For records with no images, you can request digital files.

Yale University Art Gallery 

157,000 digitised images, including 148,000 in open access, from a collection of 250,000 objects representing Eastern and Western cultures



A repository of over 10 million fine art, history and photographic images

Albertina, Vienna

The Albertina holds over 1 million drawings and prints from the late Gothic to the present including works by Michelangelo, Dürer, Rembrant and Rubens.


Major agency for Italian art and architecture. Over 5 million photographs documenting the history of Italy from the mid 1800s to present.

Barber Institute of Fine Arts

3,000 images online from a collection of European art, best known for its collection of French 19th-century paintings.

BPK (Bildarchiv Preussischer Kulturbesitz)

German agency for major museums, holds an archive of over twelve million photographs. More than 100 major museums and libraries are partners of the BPK.

Bridgeman Images

International agency/focus on British art, with over three million images and videos in their collection.

Gabinetto Fotografico, Uffizi

More than 300,000 works of art from the Uffizi gallery.

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Collection encompasses nearly 450,000 works of art from the Egyptian era to the present day.

National Gallery, London

Collection contains over 2,300 works paintings from c 1200 to the early 20th century

National Museums, Liverpool

Includes collections of the following museums and galleries: Merseyside Maritime Museum, Museum of Liverpool, Walker Art Gallery, World Museum, Lady Lever Art Gallery, International Slavery Museum. There are over 28,000 items from the collections available online.

Réunion des Musées Nationaux (RMN)

Includes most public art collections in France

Russian Public Collections (Link needed)

Includes the State Russian Museum, the premier collection of Russian Art from the 12th to the 20th centuries, and the State Tretyakov Gallery, with over 180,000 objects from the 18th to the 21st centuries.

Scala Archives

Agency covering much of Italian art but also French/British, over 300,000 images representing works of art, architecture, landscapes, monuments, fashion & photography, history, anthropology and travel.

Vatican Library (manuscripts, drawings)

Over 80,000 manuscripts and drawings from the collection currently online.

Vatican Museums (paintings/sculpture)

Scala and Alinari (also not OA) offer some of the most famous works

About Creative Commons Licences

Creative Commons (CC) copyright licenses and tools forge a balance inside the traditional “all rights reserved” setting that copyright law creates.  You can find more detailed information about each licence on Creative Commons website and by following individual ‘CC’ licence deed links below

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Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs | CC BY-NC-ND Licence Deed

There is a further Creative Commons licence (CC0) which allows allocating a work to the public domain by waiving all copyright and related rights. You can read more about the difference between CC0 and Public Domain attribution in the CC0 FAQ.

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